What is hand-harvested sea salt?

These sea salt hand harvesting methods have not changed for centuries.

These sea salt are 100% natural.

Hand-harvested sea salt has been produced for centuries in several parts of Europe. Sea water is naturally air and sun dried and crystallizes in natural sea salt ponds. This process takes place in salt marshes (ponds) which are made up of a series of clay lined pools in which the sea water circulates by means of manually operated hydraulic pumps at a rhythm controlled by the salt producer. The entire harvesting process is done the traditional way by hand with wooden tools. The salts are untreated, unprocessed and as such rich in natural minerals.

There are mainly two types of product:

  • Coarse salt which falls to the bottom of pond where it is collected
  • Flower of salt (“Fleur de sel”) which crystallises and is collected on the water surface of the pond.
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Artisanal Sea Salt Europe is the trade association which represents the interests of the EU producers of hand-harvested sea salt at the European level
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Its membership comprises producers from France, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Croatia & Slovenia
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"Salt is the sea that could not return to the sky"
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