Our position on Flower of salt

Fleur de sel is the salt made up of the thin floating and friable pyramidal crystals that form on the surface of the brine, in the crystallizers used for the sea salt harvest. It is picked manually, necessarily on the surface of the brine of these crystallizers using a suitable tool. It has a moist and soft grain structure which gives it unique characteristics: a soft taste and high mineral content (calcium and magnesium). It is a relatively expensive salt that is widely used by chefs in their dishes. Fleur de sel brings very important revenue to artisanal sea salt producers.

Artisanal Sea Salt Europe members are determined to protect the specificity of the « Flower of salt » (« Fleur de sel ») which is currently under threat.

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Artisanal Sea Salt Europe is the trade association which represents the interests of the EU producers of hand-harvested sea salt at the European level
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Its membership comprises producers from France, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Croatia & Slovenia
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"Salt is the sea that could not return to the sky"
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